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Gonio, Batumi: Investment opportunities and urban development

Stages of evolution of resort towns
The development of resort towns is a lengthy process spanning centuries, marked by several significant phases. Initially, the city center takes shape, serving as the focal point for tourists and catering to their diverse needs. This area concentrates tourist attractions, restaurants, shops, and other essential infrastructure. Nevertheless, as popularity grows and more tourists visit, the city center might become overcrowded, limiting space for the development of new hotel complexes.

The role of suburbs in the development of resort infrastructure
In the progress of expanding resort infrastructure, suburbs play a crucial role. In such instances, suburbs emerge as an appealing choice for further advancement due to their ample space and closeness to natural attractions. Upscale hotel complexes situated in the suburbs not only provide visitors with comfortable amenities but also present additional options like private beaches, golf courses, spa facilities, and various entertainment offerings.

Marbella: An Example of Evolution
An example of a resort town that has undergone impressive development is Marbella on the Costa del Sol in Spain. Marbella's historic center, with its narrow streets and ancient buildings, offers an authentic experience but has become overcrowded with the rise of tourism. Luxury 5 star hotels and resort complexes, including popular 5 star resorts, have moved to suburbs such as Puerto Banus. This suburb, just a few kilometers from the center, has become an elite destination with luxury hotels, luxury shops, restaurants and yacht clubs.

Nice: Where Culture and Luxury Meet
Another example is Nice on the Côte d'Azur in France. The cultural and historical center of Nice is limited in the development of luxury hotels and resorts due to limited space. Many five-star hotels and resorts choose suburbs such as Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, offering tourists an atmosphere of exclusivity and privacy. However, the proximity to Nice provides accessibility for sightseeing and cultural immersion.

Trends in Batumi and Favorite - Gonio
Similar trends can be observed in Batumi, which is moving from the stage of development to formation. With limited space in the city center, established hotel brands are turning their attention to natural suburbs, especially Gonio.

In the context of choosing the ideal location for development, Gonio stands out for a number of attractive features:

  • 1. Cleanest water: The sea in Gonio and its surroundings is famous for its purity. The Chorokhi River, which is quite muddy and clayey, flows into the sea, is located outside of Gonio and flows in the opposite direction, significantly changing the color and quality of the water in Batumi and further along the coast.
  • 2. Spacious areas: The length of the beaches in Gonio is about 3 km, and the real first line, to the road, remains as yet unused for the construction of high-class hotels, providing unique opportunities for development.
  • 3. Natural wealth: The mountains near Gonio approach the sea, creating breathtaking natural landscapes and views that are considered fantastic.

4. Silence and privacy: With a population of about 3,000 people, Gonio offers privacy from the bustle of the city, creating an atmosphere of silence and comfort, in contrast to the noisy center of Batumi, where the population reaches 150,000 people, and the length of the beach from the airport to the port is not much longer than Gonio and is only about 5.5 km. The absence of facilities that are necessary for the city, but unnecessary for the resort, helps to maintain calm and harmony with nature.
5. Convenient location: Gonio is located just 15 minutes from the Turkish border and 10 minutes from Batumi airport. The Gonio fortress, which is one of the main attractions of Adjara, is within walking distance, and the city center is only 20 minutes away by car.

The Future of Gonio: Infrastructure and Investments
The forecasts for Gonio foretell exciting developments in the near term. With increasing construction activity, the suburb's infrastructure is being actively transformed. Discussions about the construction of a bypass road from the border with Turkey and the extension of the boulevard throughout the territory create an atmosphere of anticipation for change.

The rapid rise in prices for land plots in Gonio is clear evidence of keen interest from investors.

It's crucial to highlight that property prices in Gonio haven't matched those in Batumi yet. However, the introduction of upscale hotels is anticipated to trigger a significant surge in demand and property values. With its distinctive features and promising development outlook, Gonio is poised to challenge stereotypes and emerge as the jewel of Georgian resort tourism.

What will happen in Gonio in the near future
The fact that well-known 4+ star hotel brands are already visiting Gonio serves as a clear confirmation of the predicted rising resort status of this amazing place.
According to statistics from the 3rd quarter of 2022 to the 3rd quarter of 2023, compared to the previous similar period, the highest growth in real estate sales is in the Gonio region - 11%
And if we talk about the value of real estate for the same period, then in Gonio there is the largest increase and is 45%. Source: NAPR, Galt & Taggart Research.

Research of real estate prices in Batumi and its surroundings
Forecasts for the coming years indicate the upcoming operation of two properties of the Wyndham chain, one Radisson, as well as the first 5-star hotel-resort in Georgia from the global brand Rotana - a chain from the UAE, recognized for its luxury properties, known in more than a hundred locations in different countries , mainly in the Gulf countries.
Rotana is set to unveil a distinctive 5-star hotel complex boasting a remarkable 546 rooms, positioned on the waterfront and scheduled to be inaugurated in 2027. With over 700,000 active clients, predominantly hailing from Gulf countries, Rotana aims to offer not just stylish lodging but also introduce its inaugural first-class casino. This addition is expected to guarantee substantial occupancy rates, even during the less busy tourist seasons.
In the context of the investment boom in Batumi, where apartments and apart-hotels are mainly offered, Pontus Development makes a strategic decision to go beyond the standard offerings by investing in the development of an exclusive 5-star hotel complex - Pontus Rotana Resort & Spa - Gonio. This step by the company will allow investors to plunge into an atmosphere of luxury and stability, giving the region new dimensions of attractiveness and prestige.