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Invest in Batumi: Five-Star Hotel Investments

In a previous article on linkedin, we discussed the advantages of investing in hotel rooms. In short, investments in hotels are always more expensive than in apartments, but the return on investment is quicker and the profit is higher due to increased occupancy throughout the year and a higher average check.
However, in the market, rooms in apart-hotels or branded residences are often considered similar to hotel rooms, but there are significant differences. Hotel guests expect a certain level of service, which can only be provided by appropriate infrastructure and comfort. This is particularly important when considering to invest in Batumi, where the tourism sector is booming and the demand for high-quality accommodations is on the rise.
Let's talk about the main principles of construction and arrangement of 5-star hotels. What ensures a high average check and occupancy rate? What sets them apart from apartments?

Comfort in Rooms

Investing in five-star hotels requires meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that guests always receive what they expect.


Hotel guests expect their stay to be comfortable regardless of the season. The temperature in the rooms should be maintained at a level pleasant for living, which is achieved through an autonomous central heating and ventilation system (usually 22 degrees Celsius). This avoids discomfort and inconvenience associated with waiting for the room to heat up or cool down. Air conditioners (especially in winter) cannot cope with this task, so they are not present in hotels.

Comfortable Lighting

It is important to provide appropriate lighting in different areas of the room. For example, soft lighting in the sleeping area and bright lighting in the bathroom. This aspect is ensured by professional lighting consultants.

Good Sound Insulation

Hotels with a high category need effective sound insulation. This includes insulation of walls, floors between rooms, and public areas. Sound insulation consultants help achieve a noise insulation level corresponding to international standards - 53 dB.

Good Sleep Quality

The quality of mattresses and pillows, which should provide guests with a comfortable sleep, is an important aspect of comfort. This is one of the elements on which high-level hotels do not skimp.

High Level of Service

In five-star hotels, quick service is essential. Elevator wait times are typically limited to 40 seconds, and amenities like reception, room service, concierge, and laundry are available round-the-clock, ensuring convenience and satisfaction.

Quick Service

The main criterion for service level is responsiveness. Guests expect quick response to their requests and demands. For example, the waiting time for an elevator is always regulated. In 5-star hotels, it is usually a maximum of 40 seconds.

Round-the-Clock Access

Services should be available to guests at any time of the day, including round-the-clock reception, round-the-clock room service, concierge service, and laundry services.


An important component of successful hotel operation both in season and out of season is the functioning of the infrastructure year-round. This is especially relevant for branded hotels of international level, where guests expect a high standard of service and a variety of services at any time of the year.

Minimum Requirements for Infrastructure

  • Outdoor and Indoor Pools: Providing opportunities for relaxation and recreation both in summer and winter.
  • Spa Area: Self-care and relaxation become important aspects of leisure for guests at any time of the year.
  • Restaurant: Gastronomic diversity and high-quality service attract guests to the hotel regardless of the season.
  • Bar: A cozy atmosphere and a wide selection of drinks create an attractive place for relaxation and socializing.
  • Children's Area: For families with children, it is important to have the opportunity to have fun and relax with children, making the hotel an attractive place to stay.
  • Conference Hall: This element of infrastructure becomes key for attracting corporate clients and ensures increased occupancy even outside the season.

The Role of the Management Company in Choosing a Hotel for Investment

Another key aspect to consider when choosing a hotel for investment is the management company. If the hotel is managed directly by the declared brand, rather than by a third-party certified company, this often affects its rating and, as a result, its price.
Take, for example, Le Meridien in Batumi. This hotel is directly managed by Marriott. Its rating on is 8.9, and the cost hardly drops below $177 for a standard room. In comparison, let's take Radisson Blu, located near Le Meridien, which is managed by another company strictly following Radisson standards. Its rating is slightly lower - 8.4, and the cost starts from $145.
Considering all the above, it is worth noting that a room in a 5-star hotel cannot cost the same as a room in an apartment-hotel, even if it is branded. The costs of construction and service provision in a 5-star hotel are significantly higher, which ensures a high rating, average check, and occupancy throughout the year.

Pontus Rotana Resort & Spa Gonio: Exclusive Investment Opportunity in Batumi

Pontus Rotana is the first 5-star hotel in Georgia that will be managed by Rotana, a company from the UAE. This is an innovative step for the Pontus company, which is introducing the Rotana hotel brand to the market for the first time.

The Hotel Infrastructure Includes:

  • Over 700 square meters of Spa
  • Indoor and outdoor pools
  • Several restaurants and bars, including a rooftop bar
  • Casino, covering more than 1800 square meters
  • Business lounge
  • Children's area

Batumi real estate investment

This is only a small part of the offered amenities. Introducing Pontus Rotana Resort & Spa - Gonio, Pontus Development goes beyond the standard offerings in the Batumi real estate investment market, which is mainly focused on apartments and apartment-hotels. This exclusive 5-star hotel complex offers a luxurious and stable investment opportunity that will bring new dimensions of attractiveness and prestige to the region.
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