• Question:
    Is Batumi Good for Real Estate investment?
    Yes, Batumi is outstanding place for the investment for several reasons:
    • Annual growth of tourism for 2023-2024 years is 29,89%, 2019-2018 years – 7,81% (pandemic period is not included), 2018-2017 years – 9,66 %, 2017-2016 years – 14,81 %. Source : National Statistics office of Georgia
    • Economic development: The city is experiencing significant economic growth and infrastructure development.
    • Affordable prices – Property prices in Batumi are relatively low compared to other European cities additionally offering a perfect mixture of quality and price. Prices in Apart-hotels generally starts from 980$ per sq.m from 2023 and luxury real estate investment (5-star hotels) starts from – 3,000$ per sq.m. (Source NAPR and Pontus)
    • High rental yields: Investors can expect high rental yields especially for tourist rentals.
    • For instance, by investing in international brand hotel rooms ROI can be expected from 12%.
    • Low taxes. Income tax on rental properties is only 5%.
  • Question:
    Is Georgia a good place for real estate investment?
    Yes, for several reasons:

    • Economic growth: Georgia’s economy is growing rapidly. Gross domestic product (GPD) in 2023 has increased by 7,5% compared to 2022, by 10.1% compared to 2021 and by 10,5% compared to 2020. (Source Geostat)
    • Tourism thrive: The country is becoming increasingly popular in the field of tourism with a significant growth in the number of foreign visitors. Only in 2023 the number of tourist visits increased by 27,8%. (Source Geostat)
    • Affordable property prices: prices for investment properties are relatively lower than prices in other European cities. For instance, in Batumi the price for 1sq.m in aparthotels starts from 980$ (from 2023), In luxury real investment (5-star hotel) price for 1sq.m starts from 3,000$. (Source NAPR and Pontus)
    • High rental yields: Investors can expect high rental yields especially in touristic areas such as Tbilisi and Batumi. For instance, investing in international brand hotel rooms can be expected ROI of 12%.
    • Safety: Crime index in Georgia is minimal - 26,1 and high index of safety – 73,9 what makes a safe environment for investment and life. (source Numbeo 2024)
  • Question:
    What is the property tax in Batumi?
    • The property tax in Batumi is 1% of the market value each year.
    • Tax on rental income is 1% per year.
  • Question:
    Can Foreigners buy real estate in Georgia?
    Yes, Definitely. Investors can buy real estate in Georgia. The process is fundamental with no restrictions on property ownership for foreigners but with the exception of agricultural land. This accessibility makes Georgia an attractive destination for international real estate investors.
  • Question:
    Where to invest money in Georgia?
    Investment property.
    If you want to invest a real estate in Georgia, Batumi is the best place for this according to European Best Destination (EBD) data software.
    Batumi is one of the best cities for investment in 2024 and in 2022 Forbes puts Batumi in the list of best European cities to invest in.